See the human body like never before as the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History presents a special sneak preview of the highly acclaimed Body Worlds 3 and the Story of The Heart exhibition.

Body Worlds 3 has installed the Six Meter Woman in the museum’s Cartwright Hall. It’s on display now through Sept. 1.

The Six Meter Woman, a preview of Body Worlds 3 at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, is a transparent, plastinated body made up of 83 slices representing all of the body’s regions. The torso and the extremities have largely been sliced horizontally; conversely, the head, elbows, hands, knees and feet have been sliced sagittally for a better view.

The body slices, which stem from a single body donor, have been placed at 12-centimeter intervals to permit viewers to look more deeply into the body.

Don’t miss your chance to see the human anatomy in mesmerizing detail and learn more about the structure of the human body.

Admission to see the Six Meter Woman is included with the museum’s general admission. Admission is free for members; for nonmembers, admission is $10 for adults, $7 for seniors, $7 for teens and $6 for children. The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on Saturday for the Santa Barbara Wine Festival and on Aug. 1 for Fiesta.

Visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History’s Web site at to download a special discount coupon for Body Worlds 3 tickets. Click here for information on the exhibit.

Easter Moorman is the marketing and public relations manager for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.