On Sept. 11, 2001, my life changed. I woke up. I had been sleepwalking through life, taking my country for granted. Then 9/11 happened. I watched in horror as the twin towers in New York City were destroyed by Islamic terrorists in hijacked planes. I felt sick, confused and angry. Who would attack America, and why?

After the 9/11 disasters, I decided to read about terrorism, Islam and the Quran. Fellow Americans, you must do the same. I have learned that Islam is not like other religions, but more like a “religious cult.”

Terror expert Robert Spencer explains that the Quran tells its followers that Islam is the only true religion, OKs the killing of nonbelievers and that the Sharia Law should be spread throughout the world. The Quran also talks about the principle of deception (Taqiyya) for global conquest by Islam. Taqiyya is being applied today in NYC as it tries to build a victory mosque on ground zero.

Everything about this project is provocative, questionable and secretive. Why this location, who is paying for it and what is the background of the Imam and the real estate developer?

As one who was changed by 9/11 and recalls it clearly, I am alarmed and angered over the building of this victory mosque on ground zero. Furthermore, I am enraged by a corrupt and gutless media, and clueless and uninformed politicians, especially Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

America, do not forget 9/11. Learn more about Islam, and vote out corrupt politicians in November.

Diana Thorn