Regardless of your profession, your beliefs, culture or skin color, you are a part of the creative energy that is running this universe in perfect order and harmony. Even though many people believe they are missing the creative gene, it is not true. Your life is a work of art, and you are creating with each new breath you take.

Howard Ikemoto, an artist and college teacher, once told his 7-year-old daughter that he taught people how to draw. She stared at him, incredulous, and said, “You mean they forget?”

Yes, we do, and instead of celebrating our creativity we become the judge and jury of what our drawing should look like. We compare ourselves to others, and when our friend’s drawing (or life) looks better than ours, we feel less than. When we fail a test and our friend passes, we feel less than. When our marriage crumbles and our friend celebrates a wedding anniversary, we feel less than.

When you compare yourself to others and measure your self-worth by accomplishments, bank accounts and general outer appearance, you’re headed for trouble. You’re walking the fine line between feeling inferior or superior.

Life is fluid. What you have in the material world one day can be taken away the next. When our identification is based upon appearances and comparisons, we forget how to draw. We forget how to enjoy life no matter our circumstances.

And in that forgetfulness the tragedy occurs. We begin to repress our creative response to life. Joy and spontaneity diminish. The dance of life becomes burdensome, and our profound connection to life becomes buried. We experience sadness, depression, loneliness and a host of other negative feelings and wonder why.

For a brief moment become a small child again. Picture yourself in moments that were uplifting, exhilarating, or tender and loving. Relive the feelings once again.

Feel the innocence and laughter. That is who you are. You are not a compilation of facts and statistics, you are not your intellect, and the true essence of life is not composed of wrenching drama. Your true essence is light, love and joy.

Crisis situations often occur, whether in the area of business, health or relationships, in order to “awaken the sleeping giant” within. They can result in a conscious connection to the deepest and highest aspect of yourself. This conscious connection allows for creativity to flow through you effortlessly, guiding you to solutions, new ideas and grander horizons.

Creativity is then no longer an art form to be desired, but is a natural and harmonious energy that flows through you to celebrate the gift of life. Open yourself to the flow. Intuitively trust it and it will take you beyond your greatest expectations.

Susan Ann Darley is a creativity coach and business writer who works with entrepreneurs and artists from all disciplines to build, manage and market their careers. For more information, click here or contact her at or 805.845.3036.