CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) will begin accepting applications Oct. 1 for its Fall 2024 semester. Transfer students also have the option of applying for the Spring 2024 semester during the open enrollment period.

Six CSUCI students, some wearing red school T-shirts with dolphin mascot on the front, smile for a photo.
Priority application period closes Nov. 30 but prospective students are urged to apply sooner rather than later. Credit: Courtesy photo

The priority application period closes Nov. 30, but Roxana Tunc, CSUCI director of admissions and recruitment, recommends students submit applications early.

“CSUCI uses rolling admissions, which means that if a student applies earlier in the application process, they will hear about their admission decision much sooner than those who apply later,” Tunc said.

CSUCI also offers on-the-spot admissions whenever campus representatives visit a local high school. Students can bring their transcripts at one of their school’s on-the-spot events and could be provisionally admitted to CSUCI that same day.

The school’s formerly impacted mechatronics programs is now open to more students. When the major first began, CSUCI could only accept 25 students, but now the major is open to all as there is such a need for graduates with mechatronics skills in Ventura County and nationwide.

“Mechatronics describes the bridge between mechanical engineering and computer science and the need for graduates in mechatronics is huge,” Tunc said. “This is where our future is headed – quantum computing, microchips for automated cars, the list goes on.”

Nursing is one of CSUCI’s most popular majors and the only major with a shorter application window — Oct. 1-Nov. 30.

For those interested in one of numerous other health-related careers, CSUCI is now offering a program in which students can explore the other health professions available with a Health Science degree.

“We created a new pathway for students who are interested in working in health professions, but not sure which path they would like to take,” Tunc said. “If you are one of them, the Undeclared Health Professions Exploration pathway is right for you.”

For the first time, transfer students can take advantage of CSUCI’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), which provides support to students from underserved backgrounds to help them succeed in college.

EOP students receive academic advising, tutoring, financial aid, and camaraderie with other students in the program.

Also new during this enrollment period is an increased availability of admissions counselors via text. Students wishing to learn more about the application process, on-the-spot admissions, major declaration, financial aid, or any other enrollment-related question can text 805-600-8240 to get help.

“We are continuing our commitment to provide impactful financial support for our students,” Tunc said. “For example, the Jeff T. Green Family Foundation is sponsoring 175 scholarships for first-time freshmen who are low income and the first in their family to attend college.

“Each scholarship provides $20,000 spread over four years. These are available to those who join CSUCI right after high school and is available to students of all majors.”

For high-achieving students interested in studying business or economics on campus, the Martin V. Smith School of Business and Economics offers a scholarship for $7,000 a year for incoming high school and transfer students. Many other scholarship opportunities available as well.

Graduate students interested in CSUCI’s new Doctorate of Educational Leadership in Equity and Justice (DELEJ) can also apply starting Oct. 1. Classes for CSUCI’s most advanced degree begin in summer 2024 with the first cohort graduating in spring 2027.

To apply, visit www.calstate.edu/apply and your application will be sent to all 23 CSU campuses, including CSUCI.

For a tour of the CSUCI campus in English or in Spanish, visit www.csuci.edu/visit-campus/tours/.