Daryl Cagle illustration
(Daryl Cagle illustration / caglecartoons.com)

President Donald Trump on Sunday announced a raid in Syria that killed the ISIS chieftain Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He saved his highest praise for an unnamed, brave doggie that chased Baghdadi through a tunnel, where Baghdadi killed himself along with three of his kids, with a suicide vest.

The doggie was injured in the explosion.

On Monday, Trump released a declassified photo of the doggie, whose name remained classified.

It was easy for me to see that the doggie was the star of this story, and I drew the above cartoon quickly on Sunday, with the doggie in his hospital bed, wearing his battle medal. My cartoon was the first of the Baghdadi cartoons to be delivered, considering that most cartoonists don’t work on Sundays.

I had to guess what the doggie looked like, and with the later release of the photo I saw that I was pretty close; I missed the black face, but close enough.

Here’s another take on the doggie from cartoonist Joe Heller. To be fair, this isn’t really the cute hero doggie, this is another dog in hell that is at the Baghdadi Welcome Party.

Joe Heller illustration

(Joe Heller illustration / caglecartoons.com)

I thought there would be more doggie cartoons in response to the Baghdadi story, but these are the only ones that came in.

I think my cartoons would be more popular if I drew only doggies. Or kitties. All the time.

Here’s a pic of the hero doggie, that Trump posted on Twitter:

Hero dog

(White House photo)

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