David Nygren

David Nygren (Dream Foundation photo)

Vince Griffin

Vince Griffin (Dream Foundation photo)

Dream Foundation has announced the appointment of two new members of its national board of directors: Vince Griffin, principal executive advisor for CEB’s Finance Practice, and David Nygren, principal of Nygren Consulting.

“We are thrilled to have Vince and David join our board of directors and are excited that their strategic expertise will reinforce Dream Foundation’s capacity to procure new opportunities during a time of rapid growth for the foundation,” said Dream Foundation’s CEO, Kisa Heyer.

In his role at CEB, Inc., a best practice insight and technology company, Griffin advises chief financial officers and other senior finance executives on critical issues facing their organizations and assists them in translating best demonstrated practices into action in their respective organizations.

He specializes in talent management, M&A strategy, finance transformation, decision support and business alignment and cost management.

Griffin has more than 19 years of experience in corporate and investment banking and advising.

“Having lost my father to a terminal illness, the fulfillment of Dream Foundation’s extraordinary mission is personal to me,” said Griffin. “It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside this exceptional group of people dedicated to bringing comfort to others as a member of the board.”

Nygren, Ph.D., works with client executive and governance leaders on a range of issues closely connected to both clarifying strategy and linking to key initiatives to ensure its success.

He advises both Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit clients, working extensively with health systems, arts institutions and foundations.

He plans and facilitates sessions that align boards and executive leadership on strategic imperatives and action-oriented follow-up, and he specializes in board composition, process, structure, strategic planning, committee effectiveness and leadership techniques.

“Dream Foundation expresses what we all wish we could say when someone is dying; namely, I only want the best for you and want to be present in your passing,” said Nygren. “Dream Foundation balances living and dying by bringing together those who love each other at the moment of illumination when we say, every minute together is precious. Let us be together.” 
According to Dream Foundation Board Chair Kenneth P. Slaught, “the recent growth and recognition of Dream Foundation as a national organization is astounding, and Vince and David’s experience with performance-driven solutions and management techniques are instrumental in further building upon Dream Foundation’s success. Their expert advice will help to streamline new developments for Dream Foundation and maximize the breadth and depth of the Foundation’s impact.”

Dani Cordaro represents Dream Foundation.