The SBCC School of Extended Learning brings students of all ages together to expand their understanding of the world around and within us with all new psychology and spirituality classes from renowned teachers.

The new offerings feature some fresh faces at School of Extended Learning, including psychology professor Dr. Charlotte Zeamer, who brings the latest findings in psychology and behavioral sciences to people seeking to improve their experiences in life and find new ways to give back to their communities.

In Healing Our World: For Older Adults (PSY NC017), Thursdays beginning March 14 at the Schott Campus, 310 W. Padre St. in Santa Barbara, Zeamer will set out to answer how we can make sense of the onslaught of information we constantly receive, especially through the Internet. 

“We can process this all in a way that is not only less unsettling, but also empowering,” Zeamer said. “This new understanding can be a springboard into activism to incorporate into our own interests and hobbies, such as art and discussion groups.”

Students learn to be a healing instrument of power and compassion using principles of nonduality, nonviolent peacemaking, ecopsychology and cross-cultural wisdom. This class introduces many illustrious peacemakers, such as Gandhi, MLK, Peace Pilgrim, Dorothy Day and the Dalai Lama.

Therapist, educator and activist Dr. Anne-Marie Charest also draws from classic teachings in the upcoming psychology class Treasures from Sacred Traditions: For Older Adults (PSY NC060), Wednesdays starting March 13 at the Schott Campus. While entrenched in the tech world, Charest felt the call to return to her roots and embarked on a journey that brought her in contact with shamans and elders from various traditions. She is now using these teachings to bridge the gap between spirituality and science.

“We’ll open people to the gifts of various traditions and discuss how they can be practiced to cultivate greater happiness, joy and aliveness,” Charest said. “Rather than being confrontational about religions and backgrounds, we’ll explore some of their greatest teachings and how we can all benefit from these.”

Psychology and spirituality teacher Wendy Brewer helps students develop more effective communications skills during Adventures in Self Esteem: For Older Adults (PSY NC021), Mondays March 11 to May 11 at the Schott Campus. In this engaging offering, students learn constructive communication patterns that empower them to create the positive changes they want and need to be in charge of their lives. Brewer teaches 15 quick, practical tools for tapping into creativity and potential and reducing stress.

An application and registration are required and can most conveniently be completed in person at the Wake Campus at 300 N. Turnpike Road or Schott Campus at 310 W. Padre St. Registration is also available online by clicking here.

Click here for more information about how to apply and register.

The SBCC School of Extended Learning responds to the diverse learning needs of the adult population in the Santa Barbara community by advancing career and life skills, and building bridges to credit.

— Angel Pacheco represents the SBCC School of Extended Learning