Regarding Noozhawk’s Dec. 16 article, “La Cumbre Plaza Housing Plan Funding Crumbles After Das Williams Blasts Planning Processes,” I don’t understand why the City of Santa Barbara needs a separate plan for the shopping center. Isn’t that area along State Street already covered by the Housing Element in the city’s General Plan?

Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams’ opposition is easier to understand: Follow the money.

J.A. Garcia
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

I really enjoyed Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen’s interview on Joshua Molina’s program, Santa Barbara Talks. They have a good chemistry and I think they should do more of these interviews together.

I’m sure there are other readers like me who appreciate hearing their perspective on the news and the “inside story” of how Noozhawk works.

Thank you.

Catherine Weber

•        •        •

Regarding Frank Sanitate’s Dec. 17 commentary, “Most of Our Formal Education Is a Waste of Time,” it is absolutely true that kids need more encouragement to be creative and self directed.

It was an interesting article, though schools today are already adding a lot of the author’s ideas, I believe. Smaller class sizes are all that’s needed now.

Margot Shepard
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

Thank you for Frank Sanitate. Most of our education is a waste of time.

He wrote that “you spent six hours a day, five days a week, 40 weeks a year in classes, reading or studying.” In my case, that is a serious misstatement.

I spent most of my time during school classes, until my third year of college, daydreaming, ruminating, and thinking about anything other than what the teachers were talking about or what I was supposed to be attending to when the teachers were not talking.

I like how Sanitate offers so much in so few words. Reading his piece is like a fresh breeze reminding me that we humans really can live better lives. I hope he continues the series.

Julian Dean

•        •        •

Frank Sanitate is one of the most prolific and articulate authors in our community. His articles are always timely and make very succinct points without ever over-stating anything and staying on point.

He isn’t writing to impress anyone, but rather to inform his readers without the use of sensationalism or demeaning anyone. He would be a tremendous asset as a contributor to the Noozhawk community, and I look forward to seeing more of his pieces.

Margaret Sutton
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

I wanted you to know that Frank Sanitate’s commentary was interesting and insightful. I have found his articles varied in the materials he has covered, interesting and thought provoking.

I would encourage Noozhawk to continue to post any other insights he might provide you. I think it would be great for you and your readership.

John Burchette
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

Frank Sanitate is a Santa Barbara treasure. His opinion pieces on a wide variety of social, political and scientific subjects should be more widely distributed.

His piece on the deficits of formal public education in failing to focus on the intellectual interests of the students themselves is just the latest in his thoughtful and provocative meditations on where we are as a society, and how we can improve.

Please continue to publish Sanitate’s missives.

John Douglas
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

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