I don’t get paid for writing my opinions, and I thank Noozhawk for allowing me to express them. And no matter what opinion I express, there will be people who agree and those who don’t. As it should be.

I put myself out there and hope for some open debate and arguments for or against why I’m wrong or even right. But as is customary and expected, the tolerant intolerant use personal attacks because you just can’t confuse a liberal with facts.

The last column addressed a number of different issues about being overtaxed and underserved, but my detractors saw nothing but OIL and never even bothered about anything else.

Over the years, the sheep of the left have been so brainwashed that Big Oil is all they hone in on even though the latest accident was the second in 46 years. They completely ignore what it does for them and how it’s made their lives better. They go after the BIG oil companies making profits as if there’s something wrong in a capitalistic society earning money.

Maybe it’s too much profit for them, maybe there’s too much money being made by the top brass. I’ll grant there’s some truth in that, but there’s too much of OUR money spent by our government as well. And there’s certainly too much being made by the people exploiting oil and “climate change.”

The oil haters never speak of their “global warming” god Al Gore, who made a fortune off oil and who plants a huge carbon footprint every day heating and cooling his mansions and flying around in jets using up enough of that ugly black stuff to take care of half of Santa Barbara for a year. But no, I get hammered because I point out the truth and get the cheap weak arguments of: “Factless rant. So much that can be countered, it is not worth the effort.”

Well, make the effort! I put myself out there. Counter it, but with facts — not silly easy personal attacks hiding behind fake names. I have a thick skin, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun stirring this pot. I’d like intelligent debate. Most of the compost written about me is high school gibberish.

One writer said we didn’t allow the cleanup crew on the beach. We had them down there everyday. With a little homework you’d know County Fire was on top of it from day one. What we didn’t want were a bunch of nosy do-gooders once again exploiting the situation — and exploit they did, using the situation to gain access to the ranch and finding something they would deem evil and bad. They were pulling these shenanigans up and down the coast.

Over the years I’ve made attempts to work with local environmental groups in good faith but got burned every time. They’ll tell you one thing, but don’t you dare turn your back on them. And our board majority of supervisors, an elected body to serve all the people, caters to the whim of these few.

I don’t know if it’s jealousy or just being plain mean, hoping it’s going to hurt my feelings in some way to bring up tactless personal attacks. Even comments by another writer, Patrick, though I appreciate him using his name, asking how I’m going to take care of my drought issue. Was that a stab at how farmers are suffering during this dry spell and how we’re struggling to survive and he’s happy for it? And what’s with flavoring his comments enjoying it with Exxon martinis? I shrug.

There’s so much hatred for oil and yet even environmentalists use it every day in an amazing amount of abundance. You’ve heard all the counter arguments before, but start walking, naked, because nearly everything you have and/or are wearing has some oil byproduct in it somewhere. To be true anti-oil, live in a cave and eat grass. Cut the hypocrisy.

The left considers themselves the people of the tolerant and they’re the most intolerant group in this country. If you make a statement contrary to theirs, they don’t come back with facts or even honest opinion to counter, they go for the jugular because that’s generally all they got. Quit being babies and man/woman up. And stick to the facts.

There, I feel better now.

— Henry Schulte of Santa Barbara owns and operates Dos Pueblos Ranch. He has been politically active in the community for years. Click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.