I’m going on a trip to Canada this summer and the airlines and everyone involved make a big deal of your passport. You of course need one, it naturally has to be current and it needs to be valid six months after you return from your trip.

I admit, I get a little paranoid checking and rechecking if the numbers are correct and if I’m reading the expiration date correctly, is my full name correct.

And I’m just going to Canada. I remember when Canada didn’t even require it. I remember when Mexico didn’t require it either. We’d bump down there for a weekend of surfing and it was no big deal.

Now Mexico demands passports going in, but apparently their citizens don’t require one entering the United States. Ironically, repeating myself from another article, Mexico is cracking down big time on their southern border to keep whom they consider the unwanted out of their country but turn their backs in helping us with our southern border.

Having farmed for over 40 years, I’ve been very close to the Mexican culture and very close to my employees and their families. Though all my employees arrived at some time illegally, they have all gone through the process and eventually became citizens and most have worked for me for those 40 years.

They are some of the best people I know. The wife of one of my former managers who has since passed had adopted me as her Mexican son and I her as my Mexican momma. She fed me her wonderful homemade Mexican food nearly every week for those 40 years until she passed away a couple years ago herself.

Why do I relate this story, because just like “white” or any other group of people there are good members of society and bad members.

Hispanics get a lot of negative publicity because when you read the paper or watch the news, a high percentage of crimes committed have Hispanic sir names.

The gangs are predominantly Hispanic. Tagging is predominantly committed by Hispanics. And regrettably a large percentage of domestic violence is in the Hispanic community.

This kind of publicity doesn’t bode well for the culture in the eyes of others, including my own Mexican employees. Ironically things have become so dangerous in Mexico none of my employees vacation there anymore either.

They said they will never go back and added the corruption down there is nearly 100 percent.

What’s bothersome is that this violent element and corruption has embedded itself into America and what have we done to combat it, we give them sanctuary cities to hang out in. We literally put out the welcome mat for the violent. How’s that for stupid.

At a recent staff meeting, something very unusual came up and caught me off guard. They asked me what I thought about Donald Trump. I countered by asking them why they wanted to know. They said because most Mexicans were in support of him.

I was a bit stunned. They said because those Hispanics already in America don’t want any more Mexicans coming in. Now how’s that for a twist?

Even the Mexicans here who struggle to survive and hang on to jobs don’t want the added competition and it makes sense. About a third of the country is unemployed yet we’re fed a line each month how unemployment is going down.

And now you have the illegals even saying they don’t want more people coming in. That’s something you will never see in the press.

This is and has always been a delicate topic to address: Most conservative politicians do all they can to avoid expressing concrete views on “comprehensive immigration reform” because it’s really just code for amnesty and that’s like taking a side on the abortion issue, you can’t win.

With the recent spate of murders committed by illegals, it reignited the controversy of at least sending criminals home. And why shouldn’t we?

We already put out tons of tax dollars for safety net programs why should we pay more to house and feed this criminal element? But it has been proven we can’t stop them from coming back.

Then the next question is, what are thousands of border agents doing with a budget in the billions (I tried to narrow it down but there are tons of expenses blended in all over the place). What is our money being spent on? What is going on that we don’t know about?

We hear rumors how they’re hands are tied and they’re changing diapers instead of rifle clips but come on!

This isn’t a game. It’s not a joke. This is dangerous business and it’s a matter of national security. But as usual ALL politicians have been rendered useless in taking real action either way.

It doesn’t matter if Sweden was our southern border. We cannot allow criminals to trample our laws, kill our citizens and run back and forth across the border for a latte. You try and take a gun into Mexico. Adios.

A country that is run and controlled by extremely wealthy drug lords has us by the southern border. Those guys have butchered thousands upon thousands of innocent lives and continue to do so everyday.

Hundreds of Americans have been killed as well, but that stuff is kept quiet. Mexico certainly doesn’t want any bad publicity.

What to do? Maybe Trump’s got it right after all. Build a darn wall and send Mexico the bill. Of course it will have to get El Chapo’s approval first.

— Henry Schulte of Santa Barbara owns and operates Dos Pueblos Ranch. He has been politically active in the community for years. Click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.