Zamora with his running team.
Zamora with his running team. (Cox Communications)

Goleta native Jeff Zamora decided at the start of 2020 that he would run every day for 805 consecutive days – the exact number of days his son Jeffrey lived for before losing his battle to pediatric cancer at the age of two. After hundreds of early morning runs and many pairs of Hoka sneakers later, Zamora completed his 805-day running challenge on March 16, 2022. His final run was his longest ever – 16 miles – a nod to how old Jeffery would have been this year on his birthday.   

A community leader with a heart of gold, Zamora is an important advocate for childhood cancer awareness in Santa Barbara. Over the years, he has partnered with the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, helping them raise critical funds for their programs, as well as raise visibility of the vital support they provide to families of children with pediatric cancer. From helping with mortgage payments, donating food, and providing the family with support groups and resources, the foundation was instrumental in helping Zamora and his wife when Jeffrey was sick.  

In honor of Zamora’s 805-day running challenge, his team at Cox Communications rallied behind him to share words of encouragement and contribute to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation in Jeffrey’s name. A role model to the entire team, Kirsten McLaughlin, Market Vice President for Cox Communications in  Santa Barbara notes, “Jeff – your team is always standing by you.”  

Zamora running.

Zamora is an important advocate for childhood cancer awareness in Santa Barbara. (Cox Communications)

Zamora is an inspiration to his family, friends, and colleagues, and they are all so proud of everything he does in Jeffrey’s honor and for families in our Santa Barbara community.