Marymount of Santa Barbara announces that it is able to offer two separate scholarships again this year.

These scholarships, the Trustee Merit Scholarship and the Riviera Scholarship, are scholarships Marymount offers to help students in junior kindergarten through eighth grade who might not be able to attend Marymount without the financial assistance the scholarships provide.

“Marymount is a unique school and learning opportunity,” said Andrew Wooden, head of school at Marymount. “We have a learning environment proven to improve learning and positive outcomes for students. It’s important that we make this experience more accessible to more students, and the Trustee Scholarship and the Riviera Scholarship are ways to do this.”

Wooden described each scholarship in more detail.

“The Riviera Scholarship is available to a JK-8th grade student who lives anywhere on the Riviera. It’s a part of our desire to be a good neighbor. We love our Riviera campus, its safety, beauty, character and history. The Riviera Scholarship helps us give back to the Riviera,” he said. “The Trustee Scholarship is for students who want more from school. It’s for students who will thrive in Marymount’s learning environment with its focus on 21st-century learning, critical thinking, creativity, design thinking, innovation, science and mastery of core subjects. The can be a very young student or a student in middle school.”

Marymount’s value statement document describes Marymount as a learning environment “where students gain a deep academic foundation and are inspired to love learning and to stretch their abilities.”

A recent fact sheet about Marymount highlights Marymount students’ impressive track record of success on standardized tests, nine competitive sports teams, robust art, music, drama and technology programs, electives such as filmmaking and guitar, individual attention from teachers, and a curriculum that highly values the socio-emotional and ethical development of students.

Marymount is an independent coeducational school, junior kindergarten through eighth grade, on a picturesque 10-acre campus nestled on the Santa Barbara Riviera. For 75 years, Marymount has prepared young people for the academic challenges of high school and college, while laying the foundation for lifelong character, achievement and love of learning.

If you are interested in learning more about a Marymount education, please contact the Admission Office at or 805.569.1811 x131.

— Molly Seguel is the director of admission for Marymount of Santa Barbara.