Nancy Gottlieb has joined the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CADA) as clinical director, where she is responsible for providing clinical supervision oversight for all intervention and treatment staff, both those operating in the schools and in CADA community-based treatment centers throughout the county.

Nancy Gottlieb

Nancy Gottlieb (Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse)

Gottlieb also will assist in the recruitment and supervision of marriage family therapist (MFT) interns and trainees.

Prior to joining CADA, Gottlieb was with Good Samaritan Services as clinical director for mental health homeless services.

She also served as interim division chief for alcohol and drug programs for three years where she was responsible for ensuring the quality of alcohol and drug treatment services throughout the county provided by private alcohol and drug service providers under contract to the Department of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services.

Gottlieb has prior experience as project director for several Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA-funded programs, providing parenatal residential treatment to pregnant and parenting women with a trauma-informed services that provides resources for persons with co-occurring disorders. This program works in cooperation with the courts to facilitate recovery and reunification of families impacted by substance abuse.

Gottlieb received her B.S. in health science from California State University, Northridge, and is a community and health education specialist.

She received her M.A. in education, educational psychology, counseling and guidance from Cal State Northridge and was licensed as a marriage family therapist in 1983. She is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and NAADAC master addiction counselor.

Wim Verkaik for the Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse.