The Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association will sponsor its fourth annual “Toast Heard ‘Round the World” on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the school’s Alumni Association.

Pacifica’s Office of Alumni Relations has invited members of the school’s global community — alumni, students, faculty members, and staff and their families, as well as other friends of the institution — to join in the celebration.

The Alumni Association and groups of alumni across the U.S. and abroad have planned special gatherings for Wednesday evening designed to bring the spirit of Pacifica alive and raise the Alumni Association’s visibility.

“Toasting is a ritual celebration of life’s powerful moments,” said Charles Caldwell, vice president of the Alumni Association, “and I can’t think of a more wonderful group to toast the new year with than the alums and other members of the Pacifica community. May we all enjoy an abundant and blessed new year! The Alumni Association Board of Directors is grateful for all that has been accomplished in 2014 and excited for what we can all achieve together in 2015.”

Pacifica, whose beginnings as an educational institution date to 1976, has more than 4,000 degree-holding graduates. However, until recently, it had not had a fully operating alumni association. The association, which launched in 2010, has organized regional pods around the United States and in several foreign countries.

Dianne Travis-Teague, director of the school’s alumni relations, urged graduates to “resolve to be a Pacifica Ambassador in the coming year — share the Pacifica story and invite a potential student to an Information Day at Pacifica.”

Such sessions are held periodically throughout the year on both Pacifica’s Lambert and Ladera campuses.

“More importantly,” Travis-Teague said, “we encourage our graduates to support their Alumni Association in 2014. Offer a toast with us on New Year’s Eve and ‘tweet’ your dreams to #ToastPacifica2014.”

Further information is available by e-mailing or calling the Office of Alumni Relations at 805.679.6163.

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— Dianne Travis-Teague is the director of alumni relations for Pacifica Graduate Institute.