Solstice workshop

Participants have fun working on their creations for the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade. (Robert Bernstein photo)

The Santa Barbara Solstice Workshop is full of fun and creative energy in this final week before the parade. And YOU can be a part of it!

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If you think the parade is fun to watch, it is even more fun to help create the floats and costumes and to participate in every way possible.

Many ensembles can use people in the parade as performers and also to help push floats.

The workshop is at the corner of Ortega and Garden streets in Santa Barbara. It is open afternoons and early evening every day now. Come by and see the excitement, energy and creativity. And feel free to lend a hand!

Everyone is welcome!

Robert Bernstein is a local photographer and frequent Noozhawk contributor. The opinions expressed are his own.