Six students at Dos Pueblos High School were lauded for excellence in their studies.
Six students at Dos Pueblos High School were lauded for excellence in their studies. Credit: Courtesy photo

Students at Dos Pueblos, San Marcos and Santa Barbara high schools have earned academic honors from the College Board National Recognition Programs.

The programs celebrate students’ hard work in high school and showcase their strong academic performance.

Three academic award winners stand in a hallway at Santa Barbara High School.
Academic award winners at Santa Barbara High School. Credit: Courtsy photo

The academic honors for rural area, Black, Indigenous, and/or Latino students are an opportunity for students to share their strong academic achievements with colleges and scholarship programs that are seeking to recruit diverse talent.

Head shots of the six honored students from San Marcos High School.
Six San Marcos High School students received academic honors. Credit: Courtesy photo

At Santa Barbara Unified, the following students were honored: Award Key: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA) National Indigenous Award (NIA)

San Marcos High School

Camila Martinez- NHRA
Addison Sweeney- NIA
Katherine Garnica Patino- NHRA
Mason Rice- NHRA
Megan Taylor- NIA
Noelle Cabrera – NHRA

Dos Pueblos High School

Anthony Garcia- NHRA
Cristopher Geiler- NHRA
Itzel Cruz Meza- NHRA
Joel Madrigal- NHRA
John Hayward- NHRA
Nancy Patino Arreguin – NHRA
Mia Penate (currently at San Marcos High)- NHRA

Santa Barbara High School

Addison Sweeney – NIA
David Benavidez – NHRA
Francisco Valladares – NHRA
Michael Denver – NHRA

“We’re thrilled to celebrate our students and recognize them for the great work they’ve been doing,” said Dos Pueblos High Principal Bill Woodard. “We’re proud of their strong academic performance in the classroom and on College Board assessments like the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and AP exams.

“There’s so much that makes our students unique, and receiving this honor reinforces this as an asset for their future.”

“Seeing these students excel is a demonstration of their hard work and dedication,” said Fred Razo, interim principal at Santa Barbara High. “Whether it’s late nights studying or being involved in extracurricular activities, these students make us proud to be a Don.”

“I am incredibly proud of these students,” said San Marcos High School Principal Dare Holdren. “The example they set in regards to scholarship and leadership is an inspiration to their peers, our staff, and myself.”

“We are very proud of our students and their achievements,” said Superintendent Hilda Maldonado. “Their effort and commitment to excellence in academics is to be commended and recognized as part of the rigor and high expectations that we know all students deserve and can achieve. Si se puede.

“We also want to thank the parents and teachers who partner to ensure students are supported and in their efforts.”

Criteria for eligible students include:
· GPA of 3.5 or higher.
· PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 assessment scores that are within the top 10% of assessment takers in each state for each award program or earned a score of 3 or higher on two or more AP Exams in ninth and 10th grade.
· Attend school in a rural area or small town, or identify as African American/Black, Hispanic American/Latino, or Indigenous/Native.

Eligible students are invited to apply on BigFuture during their sophomore or junior year and are awarded at the start of the next school year in time to share their achievements in high school as they plan for the future.

At the same time, colleges and organizations using College Board’s Student Search Service can connect directly with awardees during the recruitment process.

“It’s becoming increasingly hard for students to be ‘seen’ during the college recruitment process,” said Tarlin Ray, senior vice president of BigFuture at College Board. “We’re exceptionally proud of the National Recognition Programs for celebrating students who are at times overlooked but have shown their outstanding academic abilities.

“This is a benefit not only for students but also for colleges and universities committed to recruiting diverse and talented students.”