With the new online health insurance marketplaces, including Covered California now operating more smoothly, the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning is hosting a special event to help the community prepare to make good choices for themselves and their families.

This Saturday, the CLL will welcome Robert “Bob” Hopper, author of The HSA Strategy: The Future of Health Insurance in America, who will present “Health Care Reform, Understanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA).”

The CLL will present Hopper again on Feb. 8 for those unable to attend this Saturday’s event.

Both presentations will be held from 9 a.m. to noon in the Tannahill Auditorium, 310 W. Padre St. on the SBCC Schott Campus.

Most Americans are still not prepared for health-care reform. However, this is the biggest change in health care since the beginning of Medicare and Medicaid over 50 years ago.

After completing this class you will have a better grasp of the Affordable Care Act, and you will feel confident that you can make good decisions. You’ll understand the major elements of reform, determine if you qualify for premium subsidies, be comfortable navigating the insurance exchange and traditional markets, understand the new ‘mental’ plan choices, and confidently choose the best value for you and your family.

To ensure a seat, attendees are advised to register in advance. The cost is $15. Click here for the registration page. For more information, email infoCLL@sbcc.edu.

— Flannery Hill is a publicist representing the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning.