Leslie Marin is an SBCC Promise student. (SBCC Foundation photo)

Leslie Marin really wanted to go to college after graduating from high school, but she wasn’t sure how she would afford it. Now she is a full-time college student, having just completed her first year at Santa Barbara City College with all required fees, books and supplies completely covered, thanks to the SBCC Promise.

“The SBCC Promise has made higher education possible for me, providing financial resources for my first two years of college,” Marin said. “It has given me and my family hope for my future, allowing me to move forward, pursue my dreams and be successful. Next spring, I will transfer to a four-year university and work toward being the first person in my family to obtain a degree.”

Marin is majoring in sociology and plans to pursue a master’s degree.

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The SBCC Promise, launched in fall 2016, provides all local high school graduates with the opportunity to attend SBCC full time free of charge, for up to two years. By removing financial barriers, the SBCC Promise is making the community’s college fully accessible to all local students who are willing to make the necessary commitment. By enrolling in the fall or spring semester immediately after high school graduation and attending full time, students are not only eligible for the SBCC Promise but also are more likely to successfully complete their studies, according to long-term research on college achievement.

While many college promise programs have sprung up across the country in the past few years — fewer than 40 existed in 2015, and now there are approximately 200 — the SBCC Promise is one of the most ambitious and comprehensive as it covers all required fees, books and supplies for two full years. Also extraordinary is that 100 percent of the funding for the SBCC Promise comes from donations made by supportive individuals and organizations.

Marin is just one of the 749 Promise students who completed the spring 2017 semester. Because of the full-time requirement, the average unit load of these local students has increased dramatically. This has provided an additional benefit to the college, as the increased unit load of the SBCC Promise students generated more than $500,000 in funds for SBCC through the State of California’s apportionment system in its first year, and it’s on track to generate $1 million per year going forward.

The SBCC Promise reinforces the community college’s commitment to the local community and strengthens the region’s economy, neighborhoods and families. Santa Barbara City College is repeatedly ranked among the nation’s top community colleges because of its remarkable faculty and staff, history of innovation, student achievement and more. Whether a student wishes to pursue a trade, earn a certificate, complete an AA degree or transfer to a four-year institution, SBCC is the place and the SBCC Promise provides a pathway.

You can support the SBCC Promise at sbccpromise.org/support.

— Jennifer LeMay is the marketing director for the SBCC Foundation.