Ernest Brooks

Ernest Brooks

Local marine photography pioneer Ernest Brooks II will be honored at the unveiling of his Legend of the Sea statue, created by famed sculptor Viktor.

The sculpture is part of the “Ocean Pioneers” installation originally commissioned by Google to introduce Google Ocean in 2009. Viktor has continued evolving his installation to include true oceanic legends in an effort to unite art and conservation.

From his 30-year tenure as president of the Brooks Institute, founded by his father in 1945, to his mentorship under Jacques Cousteau to his advancements in underwater photography, Brooks is a legend in every sense of the word.

His sculpture will be unveiled to the public at an event from 6 to 10 p.m. July 23 benefiting the Historical Diving Society.

A Santa Barbara resident since the 1940s, rooks cultivated an interest in marine culture at age 4 when he accompanied his father on a Central Coast beach photo shoot, armed with a camera and roll of film. His oceanographic curiosity was further peaked with his first dive in 1949, around Santa Barbara’s Stearns Wharf.

In addition to the presentation from Viktor, a live auction will include investment-quality individual limited edition prints from Brooks’ personal collection, sculptures from Viktor, and additional prints from a group of acclaimed photographers handpicked by Brooks.

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased by contacting or 805.934.1660. Click here for more information.

— Marjorie Large is a publicist.