To monitor and evaluate progress in the student achievement goal, the Santa Barbara school board has established specific targets:

Focus Goal 1: Student Achievement

» 1.1: All schools will make significant schoolwide and subgroup progress toward federal academic performance targets.

» 1.2: Every school will achieve annual state performance targets, increase their state rank by one point toward a state rank of 5 or higher, and increase their similar school rank by one point toward a similar school rank of 8 or higher.

» 1.3: Every school will significantly increase participation of underrepresented students in all advanced programs (e.g., GATE, Advanced Placement, Honors, International Baccalaureate, academies, dual enrollment, and Advancement via Individual Determination).

» 1.4: All high schools will increase the number of students and underrepresented students, who are eligible for admission to University of California and California State University schools (complete a-g requirements, PSAT, SAT/ACT, above 3.5 grade point average).

» 1.5: The district will strengthen career technical pathways and increase ties with community partners and post-secondary institutions.

Focus Goal 2: School Culture and Safety

All schools will facilitate a positive and inclusive school culture and improve student safety as measured by annual surveys.

Focus Goal 3: Communication

The districts will continue to improve communication between the board, district office, site staff, parents and the community. Additionally, the district will improve communication with the Spanish-speaking community.

In addition, it is important that the board monitor and evaluate new and revised program implementations including special education, child development and the secondary honors coursework plan.

— Barbara Keyani is the administrative services and communications coordinator for the Santa Barbara School Districts.