Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin and the immediate past presidents of both the Oxnard and Ventura school boards have thrown their support behind Susan Jordan’s 35th District Assembly run.

Ventura Unified School District Board of Trustees member Mary Haffner and Oxnard School District Board of Trustees member Denis O’Leary join a growing group of local education leaders and others who are passionate about public education and are looking for someone who can best represent the interests of the students and teaching professionals in the state.

“I am supporting Susan because she will be a tireless advocate for our children and our students from preschool to graduate school,” Eastin said. “Too many candidates are fainthearted and weak in the knees. Susan will not be confused or deluded into going along to get along if the price is compromising education. Let us elect someone with a brass backbone. Let us elect Susan Jordan.”

“Susan Jordan courageously fights for what she believes in — starting with quality public education. The children of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties — and throughout California — will be served well when Susan is elected to the State Assembly,” Haffner said. “Susan Jordan is an advocate for the people — not a typical politician. She does her homework and makes decisions because they are the right thing to do, not to please the special interests.”

“Susan Jordan has been a strong advocate of a better education for our children and adults,” O’Leary said. “I appreciate Susan’s work to improve our educational system and her knowledgeable advice.”

Nancy Harter, former president of the Santa Barbara school board, said, “In a time of dwindling resources for our K-12 students, nothing is more important than having legislators who understand the difficulties our schools face and can work to come up with the innovative solutions these challenging times demand. Susan is a listener and a problem solver and stands up for what is right. She has my support.”

As the parent of a college student, Jordan understands the issues facing higher-education institutions. “At a time when more people than ever need retraining efforts to compete, class sections are being closed and popular programs have long wait lists. There is no greater investment in our future than higher education,” Jordan said.

She also has the support of Ventura County Community College District trustees Cheryl Heitmann, Stephen Blum and Larry O. Miller.

“We need someone in Sacramento with Susan Jordan’s principled strength and determination to fight for our students. As a parent of a college student, she knows the great promise this generation holds. Cutting back on support to our students is like cutting off our future. Susan knows this and I support her,” Heitmann said.

In addition, Jordan has secured the endorsements of Arthur Joe Lopèz, trustee, Oxnard School District; Dick Jaquez, trustee, Oxnard Union High School District; Laura Malakoff, former president, Santa Barbara school board; and Marie Lakin, co-chair of Save Our Schools and immediate past co-president of the Ventura Education Partnership.

Jordan is former chairwoman of the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission.