State Street Ballet Dancers are among groups coming together for ‘Carmina Burana,’ Oct. 15-16. (David Bazemore)

To celebrate the opening of its 70th Anniversary season, the Santa Barbara Symphony is joining creative forces with State Street Ballet, the Santa Barbara Choral Society, Quire of Voyces, and Music Academy’s Sing! children’s chorus, to bring the epic “Carmina Burana” to The Granada Theatre, Oct. 15-16.

Nir Kabaretti, music and artistic director, will lead more than 150 performers on stage, along with the symphony orchestra, in the concert. This is the second time many of these arts organizations have come together for this large-scale performance, creating a tradition for the community to enjoy.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online here

“This performance is going to be truly unforgettable,” Kabaretti said. “The Santa Barbara Symphony is all about presenting notable works in an entirely new and fresh way, and we are excited and grateful to bring together Santa Barbara’s cultural community for what promises to be one of the highlights of the season.”

“Carmina Burana” is based on a medieval manuscript of poems dating back to the 11th century and was written by young European clergy known for composing satirical poetry, frequently with profane and obscene lyrics. The songbook consists of nearly 250 poems, on subjects ranging from sex and gambling to crusades and corruption.

The collection was discovered in 1803 in a Benedictine monastery in Carl Orff’s native Bavaria; the word “Burana” is the Latin form of Beuren, the name of the German town where the monastery was located.

“Collaboration is one of the pillars of the Santa Barbara Symphony, both on and off the stage,” said Kathryn R. Martin, the symphony’s president/CEO. “In Santa Barbara, we benefit by having both high caliber, professional arts organizations and visionary supporters in the community that help us bring projects to life that would simply not be possible for one organization alone.”

“The Granada Theatre is the ideal venue to create a production of this magnitude. This is what we enjoy most – bringing world-class performances to the Santa Barbara community,” said Palmer Jackson, executive chairman of The Granada.

The performance is presented by The Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara Symphony, and State Street Ballet.

Nir Kabaretti, conductor
State Street Ballet, William Soleau, choreographer
State Street Ballet, Rodney Gustafson, founding director
SB Choral Society, Jo Anne Wasserman, director
Quire of Voyces, Nathan Kreitzer, director
Music Academy Sing! children’s chorus, Erin McKibben, director

Soloists are:
Jana McIntyre, soprano
Valdis Jansons, baritone
Randall Scotting, countertenor

Carmina Burana is sponsored by Principal Concert Sponsor Brooks and Kate Firestone; Artist Sponsors Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp; Selection Sponsors Chris Lancashire, Ruth & John Matuszeksi, Wallin Studios and Drs. Fred and Linda Wudl.

For subscriptions and ticket information, visit or call 805-898-9386.