Dunn School in Los Olivos will hold its commencement ceremony at 11 a.m. Sunday, June 2 under the oak trees on the beautiful Dunn School campus.

All 33 of Dunn’s seniors were accepted to four-year universities, including 82 colleges in 24 states.

Class of 2013

Robby Bracker
Grant Chapman
Cleo Cleary
Belle Clendenen
Henry Codron
Carsten Coombs
Jake Harris
Fang Huang
Charles Hughes
Ana Kim
Wyatt Krutsch
Robert Lee
Sean Lin
John Lindsay
Aidan Lunde
Willa Mankins
Rex Mascheroni
Sophia McGee
Chris Osburn
Jayne Pugh
Will Pugh
Ian Renstrom
Tashi Richter-Valdes
Jordi Sendra
Mika Shea
Daniella Silvino
Myles Simpson
Tabea Trauner
Emma Van Steenwyk
Erielle Webber
Sunita Williams
Eric Womack
Janet Yu

— Sherrie Petersen is the communications coordinator for Dunn School.