William Shen
William Shen

William Shen, a student at Dos Pueblos High School, has created new maps for the DP campus as part of his Eagle Scout project.

With some older buildings being removed and new construction about to be completed on campus, Shen realized the school maps, which were at least 15 years old, needed amending.

He started working on the revisions over the summer, along with fellow senior classmates Gabriel Casselman and Alison Togami, who are in media studies classes with Shen.

The project became larger than expected, however, when they noticed the original drawing did not align well with an overhead shot from Google Maps.

So, Shen had to redo most of the maps instead of just moving some buildings on them and adding new ones. That process also required visiting rooms to adjust the details of the map. 

An mage of one of the maps William Shen made for the Dos Pueblos High School campus.
Image shows one of the maps Image shows one of the maps William Shen made for the Dos Pueblos High School campus. made for the Dos Pueblos High School campus. Credit: William Shen

While designing the maps, Shen also had to factor in how first responders might use them. The maps had to have all of the doors properly mapped out. He also color-coded evacuation zones, so people who are color-blind could use them.

Once the work was completed, school leaders and a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy approved the design.

Then, it came time to print the maps and put them up throughout the Dos Pueblos campus. The process included cutting the existing sealant, switching out the maps, adding a “You Are Here” sticker, then remounting and sealing the maps.

The Dos Pueblos PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) agreed to purchase the maps that Shen installed around campus.

Now that Shen’s paperwork has been submitted, he is waiting to schedule his Eagle Scout Board of Review evaluation.