My good friend, Larry Crandell, has a speaking engagement Friday but I’m the one who needs your help. At noon, Larry will be addressing the Santa Barbara Council for Self-Esteem at the Schott Center, 310 W. Padre St. Founded by Betty Hatch in 1989, the nonprofit organization has spent the ensuing years inspiring and motivating Santa Barbarans to create the changes we want in our lives.


Bill Cirone

Previous speakers have been a who’s who of confidence and accomplishment, including Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum, Santa Barbara schools superintendent Bill Cirone, breast cancer research pioneer Dr. Susan Love, Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea, SBCC president John Romo, Santa Barbara police Chief Cam Sanchez, Direct Relief International CEO Thomas Tighe and philanthropist Anne Smith Towbes.

I’ve been looking forward to attending the speech for weeks, ever since Larry twisted my arm while handing me an invitation. Alas, I’ve had to renege on my commitment as I’m now obligated to attend another event at the same time, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hastily rescheduled visit with the Santa Barbara Navy League to talk about California’s veterans affairs budget.

For those of you who know how fragile Larry’s ego is, my snub is tough for him to take. He’ll soldier on, because that’s the kind of giving soul he is, but I’m asking Noozhawk readers to attend in my place and provide him the rousing cheer and support he deserves. It will do wonders for his self-esteem, and it may get me off the hook for my as yet-to-be-determined atonement. Aw, who am I kidding? It won’t work, but you can support this very worthwhile program sponsored by Santa Barbara City College. And it’s free.

While we’re on the subject of Larry Crandell, Mr. Santa Barbara will be celebrating his 85th birthday later this spring. To commemorate the occasion, Noozhawk is compiling favorite recollections of a man who has raised millions of dollars for good causes around these parts. Of course, we know his son, Steven, already chronicled a few of them in his book, Silver Tongue — Secrets of Mr. Santa Barbara, but we’re sure there are a lot more out there.

Please e-mail me your stories, along with your contact information. Keep them to around 100 words. If we use your submission, you’ll receive an autographed copy of Larry’s book — provided you don’t already have one.

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