On Tuesday, it was announced a deal with Iran was reached.

According to Sen. Tom Cotton, who fought in Iraq, “the deal announced by President Obama today is a grievous, dangerous mistake. It will give Iran tens of billions of dollars to finance its sponsorship of terrorism against the United States and our allies (especially Israel). It will lift (U.N.) embargoes on conventional weapons and ballistic-missile sales to Iran. And ultimately, it will pave the way for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. If this deal is approved, it will represent an historic defeat for the United States.”

Wise up, America. This deal undermines our national security and sets in place every key component of a nuclear program that Iran needs to develop a weapon and, according to reports, the only mechanism for inspections will come as a result of consultations with Iran. Then, too, ballistic missiles can reach our shores.

This is insanity. Demand that Congress stop this unthinkable deal.

Diana and Don Thorn