Page Youth Center’s winter basketball league begins in November and typically serves over 700 children each year from all over the county.  (Page Youth Center photo)

In an effort to give parents the tools to make informed decision about youth activities this summer, Noozhawk has conducted a series of interviews with organizers of local summer programs for this year’s Summer Camp Guide.

Noozhawk had the chance to sit down with Wana Dowell of the Page Youth Center to discuss its Summer Program.

Page Youth Center

Question: What is the name of your Summer Program and what is its mission?

Answer: Page Youth Center Summer Activities. Our mission for all of our sports and activities is to provide local children with a fun, safe environment where they can build character through youth sports.

Q: Describe the activities involved in your program.

Page Youth Center’s summer camps help youth develop self-confidence and leadership in a group setting.

Page Youth Center’s summer camps help youth develop self-confidence and leadership in a group setting.  (Page Youth Center photo)

A: We have many sports and activities like volleyball, but this summer, we will be offering a coed basketball camp as well as a coed indoor soccer camp.

Q: What is the age range for children to take part in your program?

A: The basketball camp will be divided into two groups: one for first- through fourth-graders and one for fifth- through eighth-graders. The indoor soccer camp will be for first- through eighth-graders.

Q: What goals do you have for kids participating in your program?

A: The main goal is for them to have fun while learning the fundamental skills of the particular game. We also support their development as team players by practicing fair play, good citizenship and sportsmanship.

Q: When was your program started and what was the inspiration for creating it?

A: The Page Youth Center started more than 25 years ago in answer to our community’s need for a safe, centralized location for children to participate in sports and other activities. We now serve more than 3,000 children a year.

Q: What can parents expect their kids to gain from participating in your program?

A: Kids will learn the skills of the particular game as well as sportsmanship.

Q: What is the best part about your program, and what makes it unique and worthwhile?

A: Students build character and perseverance, and learn the basics of sports while engaging in physical fitness. The Page Youth Center is unique because it shines with its superior mentoring and great organization.

Q: Describe a favorite activity for children in your program.

A: All the activities are well attended and equally enjoyable to kids.

Q: In what ways is your program educational?

A: We teach positive sports skills that develop confidence and other essential life skills. Students learn that success comes from hard work and commitment. Our programs help prepare students for their roles as tomorrow’s citizens and leaders by teaching them self-confidence.

The Page Youth Center is located at 4540 Hollister Ave. in Santa Barbara. Click here for more information, or call 805.967.8778.