The Bubble Shack at 2970 Grand Ave. in Los Olivos is the latest Parker family wine collaboration by siblings Eli Parker and Ashley Parker Snider. (Tara Jones / Noozhawk photo)

Sometimes it’s fun to play the tourist in your own town to get fresh eyes on what’s been around you the whole time or to get a glimpse of something new.

I recently went to Los Olivos for the day to do a little wine tasting. Truth be told, I’ve spent many weekend days in that little two-horse town and know exactly what I’m getting when I go there.

A little sip here and another sip there, followed by some Enjoy Cupcakes at the Saarloos & Sons tasting room and bada bing! That’s a good day right there.

However, this time I got distracted by some bubbles that seemed to be floating out from the middle of the grassy area of Epiphany Cellars. I looked over my shoulder and noticed it was coming from a little shack of a building hiding toward the backside of the lawn.

At first glance it looked like some hippie artist studio with a random bubble machine attached to the side of it. But curiosity got the best of me and I just had to know what was back there.

I’m happy to say I discovered a new favorite tasting room in an otherwise predictable wine-tasting trip.

The Bubble Shack is the latest Parker family wine collaboration by siblings Eli Parker, family winemaker, and Ashley Parker Snider, longtime lover of sparkling wines.


The Bubble Shack’s sparkling grenache boasts deep berry and red plum flavors. (Tara Jones / Noozhawk photo)

The Fesstivity sparkling wine line is currently producing a blanc de blancs, brut rosé and sparkling grenache.

While the blanc de blancs was a perfectly standard dry champagne that would be perfect for any mimosa, the brut rosé was a show stopper with its tangy cranberry and pomegranate notes.

The idea of a sparkling grenache was a real first for me. I’ve tasted grenache rosé, but never a red sparkling wine. And I must admit it was the perfect follow up to the rosé with its deep berry and red plum flavors.

From start to finish, this tasting flight was on point.

Tasting flights are $12, or $8 for Fess Parker and Epiphany wine club members.

The Bubble Shack is located at 2970 Grand Ave. in Los Olivos. The hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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