This is the index to Noozhawk’s Emergency Preparedness project, a multiweek series exploring proper preparations, readiness and safety precautions before, during and after the next disaster strikes Santa Barbara County.

Noozhawk executive editor Tom Bolton; managing editor Giana Magnoli; North County editor Janene Scully; reporters Sam Goldman and Brooke Holland; special projects editor Melinda Johnson; associate editors Marcia Heller and Michelle Nelson; and publisher Bill Macfadyen were all involved in the project.

The project is supported by the Santa Barbara County Aware & Prepare Initiative, the presenting sponsor; Southern California Edison, the Santa Barbara Foundation and Santa Barbara Street Medicine, the lead sponsors; and several tiered sponsors, including the City of Goleta, Village Properties, Santa Barbara County VOAD, Safety First and Santa Barbara Equine Transportation.

Day One

» Preparedness on All Levels Is Crucial During Major Disasters

» Santa Barbara County’s Aware & Prepare Program Alerts Citizens About Disasters

» Emergency Response Training Ensures Citizens Have the Skills to Care for Themselves and Others

» Finding Information is Key Before, During and After Any Emergency

» In Case of Emergency, Pack a Safety Kit for Your Car

Day Two

» Preparing for an Earthquake Goes Far Beyond ‘Stop, Drop and Hold On’

» Santa Barbara County Agencies, Hospitals Plan and Drill for Every Emergency Situation

Day Three

» Make a Plan Now to Protect Yourself and Your Home Before a Flood Occurs

» Create, Review, Update Evacuation Plans for Home and Neighborhood

Day Four

» 100-Foot Buffer Zones Key to Keeping Wildfires from Your Home

» Red Cross, Direct Relief Play Crucial Role in Local Emergency Planning and Response

» Know What to Do if the Rare Tornado Should Touch Down in Southern California

Day Five

» In Preparing for Emergencies, Knowing What You’re Doing Is Key When at Sea

Day Six

» Disabled Face More Challenges in Remaining Safe During Disasters

» Surviving Natural Disasters Requires Planning for the Worst

Day Seven

» Noozhawk’s Printable Emergency Preparedness Resources Guide

Day Eight

» Amateur Radio Operators Play Vital Communication Role During Emergencies

» Medical Reserve Corps Ready To Respond In Santa Barbara County Emergencies

Day Nine

» For Utility Companies, Disaster Preparation Begins Far in Advance of Emergencies

» Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Group Ready To Assist Victims of Emergencies

» Listos Teaches Disaster Preparedness with a Spanish Language Curriculum

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